The six-faced diamond hydraulic press is a special equipment for providing the required pressure and temperature for the synthesis of super-hard materials. It is currently the production and research of synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride single crystal and polycrystalline composite sheets and other superhard materials. The main equipment used. The JZW series six-faced diamond hydraulic press produced by our company has the following characteristics:

1. The whole machine is compact in structure, small in size, flexible in operation and easy to maintain.

2. The main machine adopts beam and cylinder integration, adopts alloy steel integral refining casting, special heat treatment process, good mechanical performance, high safety and reliability.

3. The main parts are processed by numerical control equipment. The parts have high precision, good interchangeability, good neutrality and good synchronism.

4. The hydraulic system adopts the precision pressure sensor, and the pressure system controls the frequency conversion technology to accurately control the overpressure relief curve.

5. The supercharging system adopts ultra-high pressure pump boosting, long pressure keeping time and stable pressure control.

6. The electrical display shows full parameters, full protection function, easy operation, high degree of automation and high reliability. The six cylinders are equipped with high-precision displacement sensors to ensure equipment reliability and high voltage safety.

7. Adopt the direct measurement technology of working temperature inside the working chamber, the cooling water, temperature and flow monitoring system, and comprehensively monitor the working state of the whole machine to improve the safety of the equipment.