The hydraulic system developed by our company is advanced in technology and reasonable in design. Precision Wet Hydraulic Components are selected. All the components are concentrated on one valve plate, which improves the reliability of operation, reduces the failure rate and is easy to maintain. According to the different cylinder diameter of the press, pipe diameter, valve plate diameter, valve diameter and other optimized design to ensure that the work in the optimal state. Ultra-high pressure display pressure gauge and pressure sensor two ways, system pressure and return pressure can be adjusted separately. There are two speeds of the advance and return stroke to meet different needs. The unique design ensures that the compressor has a good synchronicity when it is filled with liquid. Ultra-high pressure pump is used for overpressure, and different flow rate of high pressure pump is selected according to the process requirements to meet the requirements of overpressure speed. The stepper motor pressure relief valve is adopted to relieve pressure, and the pressure relief speed is controlled smoothly through automatic control of the electrical system. Because the use of stepper motor relief valve can cancel the control of the oil pump, low-pressure only one pump can be used. Besides, the hydraulic system is designed with advanced oil filter to ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean.

The hydraulic system has been improved and perfected after many years of use, and now it is more advanced and mature. It can fully meet the requirements of producing high-grade superhard materials.