Superhard material club visits the exhibition


The industry-focused GRINDTEC 2018 exhibition opened in Augsburg, Germany on March 14 with an area of 45,000 square meters. More than 600 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition with the latest products and programs. GRINDTEC2018 is a great event in the global grinding industry. The Super Hard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association has organized a medium-sized visiting team (hereinafter referred to as the Super Hard Material Branch) in contact with many enterprises in the industry, and has flown directly from Beijing to Munich for exchanges and visits.

RINDTE C2018 exhibited a large number of new types of machine tools, tools, exhibits focused on better processing quality, higher processing efficiency and lower cost loss. Visitors can get the most intuitive understanding of all types of equipment from GRINDTEC 2018, some of the exhibition equipment has been in working state, real-time display of functions and advantages.

Through on-site observation and face-to-face exchanges, the members of the visiting delegation of the Super Association experienced firsthand the dynamics of grinding technology in the world and the characteristics of international peer enterprises. Before the interesting booth, they stopped to observe and inquire about the exhibits carefully, and the communication among members was also very active.

At this exhibition, the main grinder manufacturers emphasize their innovations and breakthroughs in product function design and human-computer interaction interface, especially the application of automated robot arm and digital online network system, which has become a hot topic in publicity.

On the other hand, filtration technology has sprung up, and on-site filtration systems capable of handling 8,000 cubic meters can even be seen. The manufacturers of coolant and grinding oil also bring innovation in products and methods.

The traditional development trend is also reflected in this exhibition, such as automation of measurement process, lightweight machine load, etc. Some manufacturers through careful design, the traditional large grinder volume reduced to only occupy one station. At the same time, they also show a more rapid, more sophisticated trend, customized production or will become the future grinding industry's normal, so the importance of automatic feeding machine tools and automatic storage of finished products highlighted. Organizers believe that the machine tool management system has been ready for industrial 4.

Manufacturers have also noticed the development of electric vehicles, and have launched a series of products. They are optimistic that in the near future, with the increase of market demand, the development of manufacturing and testing technology, electric vehicles and related industries will soon usher in a leap. Companies have begun to stockpile, research and develop related products and technologies.